PET/PS TRAY (Anti-static)

PVC, PET and PS environmentally friendly and anti—static plastic products with good stationarity and vibration resistance; scope of application: Electronics, hardware, toys,foods, plastic and cosmetics. Design, molding, platemaking and production of products can be

-Package and anti—static bags for electronic products (delivery and


-Main ingredients of PE, PO and PP plastic bags: PE low-density polyethylene, PO high density polyethylene and PP polypropylene. Features: High transparency, tensile force, good moisture resistance and low cost of packaging; environmental-friendly, nontoxic, tasteless, clear and aesthetic printing, being applicable to ordinary and specially-shaped plastic bags, such as polybag, printed bag, anti—static plastic bag, zip bag, cello bag, square bag, T-shirt bag, compound bag, hanging bag, handle bag, hand bag, heat shrinkable bag and zip-lock bag, R Bag etc.. It is widely used as packaging of foods, electronics, hardware, plastic toys, furniture, clothes and shopping mall.

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