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Company Profile

Established on December 24, 2004, Best Material Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “this Company” ) is engaged in wholesaling and import & export of anti—static materials, UV lamps, electronic equipment and consumables, hardware products, paper products, packaging products, mechanical equipment, electronic materials, optical glasses, plastic products, clothes and chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous chemicals), as well as development of ỦV lamps (excluding products in state trading; commodities subject to the quota license management and specific management should be handled

according to such regulations).

Company History of Best Technology Co.,

Ltd.by 2017

October 2004

Established Hong Kong “Start Target Ltd”

December 2004

Established “Best Consulting Co., Ltd.” (Company name changed)

July 2007

Authorized as General Agent of UV Lamp of UNILAM Co., Ltd.

February 2008

Authorized as legal person for foreignin vestment in China trade

June 2010

Became supplier of consumables to Koreanenterprises in Quangdong

April 2013

Became supplier of IMC

May 2013

Became agent and supplier of Senju Solder Paste

July 2013

Became agent and supplier of ALPHA Solder Paste

July 2013

Became agent and supplier of China VITAL

December 2014

UV hardener supplied by Samsung Display Dongguan Co., Ltd. (SDDG)

May 2015

Signed exclusive contract with China’s Korean enterprises on ALPHA Solder Paste

August 2015

Acdquired right for import & export of China

July 2016

Established branch in Vietnam